Design, develop, produce and market biodegradable products made especially based on biological raw materials for industrial, institutional, and domestic maintenance, providing specialized advice, and counting on highly qualified professional personnel.

Our products reach the national and international market by 15% per year with alternatives that contribute to improving the quality of maintenance processes with environmental and safe premises; 80% loyalty to our customers day by day becoming their preferred and reliable supplier.

To be recognized in 2023 as an innovative company that looks to the future with products that contribute to comprehensive corporate responsibility with health, safety, and the environment in all maintenance processes. Being a financially solid company its workers feel a sense of belonging and an extraordinary place to work.

  • Responsibility: we recognize our capabilities, we commit ourselves and we give our best as individuals and as a team, to fulfill commitments with customers, suppliers, employees, partners, and other interested parties.
  • Integrity: we characterize ourselves because we are an honest, respectful, and warm work team in all our actions with internal and external clients, suppliers, employees, partners, and other interested parties.
  • Agility: we want our team to listen to the needs of our clients and to prepare themselves personally, technically, and professionally to assume the different responsibilities and make timely decisions to provide a better service every day.
  • Teamwork: we work in unity with all our processes, to be efficient and consistent with our values.


We are committed to carrying out activities within a framework of respect for the protection of the environment, the surrounding community, and the safety and health of its employees, always seeking continuous improvement, and the satisfaction of customers, employees, and their investors.

Innovation and biodegradable research

We were born in response to an event in which a family member suffered due to the use of petroleum products in cleaning machinery and equipment in a Colombian industry. This disease throughout his working life progressed to intoxicating his blood with heavy metals causing his death. This led us to look for alternatives and cleaning solutions that in the future would not compromise the lives of those who work in any type of production sector and the economy, creating successful and responsible formulas.