What are Biodegradable Products for toilet and cleaning?

They are those whose composition handles biological raw materials that degrade in the shortest time without causing damage to the environment. It is very important to use biodegradable cleaners in our cleaning and maintenance tasks, since each one of us is responsible for caring for the environment and for legal compliance, such as the Law on Spills, which are already subject to fines.

Biodegradable products for grooming, cleaning and maintenance have a technical file, safety sheet and biodegradability certificates, which are support for their proper use, handling, engineering controls and as support before a visit from a state entity. In our Company, we believe that Cleaning, disinfection and correct Cleaning Maintenance is Simple. We are a recognized leader in cleaning and sanitation solutions for the industrial and institutional market.

America Industrial Guide with its All Clean Products brand, designs, formulates, develops and manufactures high quality products in our Medellin facilities, and sells both nationally and internationally through a select distribution network. Industry Guide’s products and services are used in the construction services contractor, education, food service and processing, health care, industrial, lodging/hospitality, and auto care markets. In the case of our degreasers, they have corrosion inhibitors in their composition, which allow the degreaser to be diluted with water and prevent it from oxidizing, since the corrosion inhibitor sequesters the oxygen molecule, preventing it from oxidizing mechanical parts.

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