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Clean production areas = more profitable and sustainable companies

Cleanliness in the work environment is of the utmost importance. Keeping work areas clean provides greater productivity, a considerable reduction in accidents, greater comfort for the worker and a better image for the customer. For this reason, in the industrial environment and especially in the manufacturing field, regulatory requirements must be considered, such as: NOM-001-STPS; […]

What are Biodegradable Products for toilet and cleaning?

They are those whose composition handles biological raw materials that degrade in the shortest time without causing damage to the environment. It is very important to use biodegradable cleaners in our cleaning and maintenance tasks, since each one of us is responsible for caring for the environment and for legal compliance, such as the Law […]

How to choose biodegradable services and products for industrial machinery?

The cleaning of industrial machines is a topic of fundamental importance for the proper functioning of an organization and not only that, but it will help you reduce expenses and more. Here we offer you a short list of benefits of cleaning industrial machines. When industrial machinery is properly cleaned and maintained regularly, it runs […]

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